The School of Alchemy


By Maria Hodkins

Prayer to the Divine Mother

First three verses of prayer...

Our Mother, who embodies Earth and Heaven in exquisite grace,
hallowed be thy Presence.
Your name resides in the voluptuous body of Earth,
in the mystery of moon glow and darkness,
in the warm smiles of sunlight, in the swirling and spiraling of the Cosmos,
in the intricate chambers of every living cell.

Thy kingdom be Love, Thy essence be honored,
grounded in the World as flowing in worship.
Let thy Word be whispered into the ears of every living being
as the wind whispers the Secret of Secrets
through the dancing branches of trees and the amber grasses.

Give us this beautiful day to love, to hold,
to mold into bread, and nourishing soul food.
And bathe us in forgiveness
of our ignorance and violence to the hearts of others,
as we free our resentments and injuries
to flow in the cool waters of your baptism...

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