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The School of Alchemy presents delightfully engaging retreats and seminars in order that you might explore the utter profundity of the human Soul.

School of AlchemyHistorically speaking, Alchemy was intent upon transforming lead into gold. The assumption being that every aspect of the material universe was anxiously groaning toward its most marvelous consummation. The Alchemist just wanted to give the process a little tweak. Even lead was yearning for its "gold-ness."

In like manner, Alchemists sought to replicate, inside the soul, the same transformative process that they observed within the alchemical vessels. The Alchemical metaphor provides an imaginative glimpse into the mysterious workings of the human Soul. The alchemical enterprise encourages us to transmute darkness into light and mine gifts from even our most uncomfortable sufferings, thus freeing the spirit to magnificently soar.

The School of Alchemy addresses three major areas of spiritual development . . .

School of Alchemy The Logos of Psyche   As the Soul descends to Earth to profit from the frictional intensification of experience, the task of the Soul is to harvest wisdom from suffering. If this doesn't happen, bitterness is the result, and bitterness is the indigestion of the Heart. If wisdom results, we gather radiance and extend ourselves in compassion.

School of Alchemy The Logos of Pneuma   The Spirit quickens and lures us into more expansive patterns of embeautiment. We must cultivate our capacity for hyper-sensitive listening in order to detect the invitations. This requires respiratory awarenessóbreathing the Beloved; transfiguring the Self with increasing light, vitality, love, and peace. The whispers of Spirit coax us into participation in planetary evolution.

School of Alchemy The Logos of Ontos   Sometimes we are prompted to drop everything, deepen, sink, and linger in the awesome aroma of Pure Presence. Silence affords a peace that supercedes all understanding, and liberates us from the rapacious pursuit of meaning. The result is contentment with Being, and Grace upon Grace. A thoroughly deepened person is simply and exquisitely - stunningly real.

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