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Anamchara (pronounced "ahn-im-Kar'-uh") is the Celtic word for "soul friend."

In times past, pilgrims would travel vast distances to seek spiritual mentoring from an Anamchara. The soul-friend would greet the seeker with prayers, anointings, foot-washing, and holy conversation. The Celts said, "Anyone without a soul-friend is like a body without a head."

Evan Hodkins is an Anamchara. He regards the people who visit him as seekers - not clients, not patients. He knows that dreams are love letters from God. He prays without apology for each seeker throughout the week. And every concern is always considered in light of the Divine Source.

Soul-Friending is definitely not psychotherapy. God, not you, is the focus of Soul-Friending. Dreams interpret you and not the other way. An Anamchara helps you learn the language of your soul, but the Holy Spirit is the healer. Engaging the spirit takes us to the cutting edge of our unfoldment into the crowning of our Sacred Selves. It's how God decorates us with glory. Through spirit-work, we quicken.

Sessions may be embellished with meditation, prayer, dream work, rites of passage, healing ceremonies, and holy conversation. Meetings are opportunities for shared communion with the Beloved.

Persons desiring soul-friending should exhibit a fundamental quality of emotional wholeness. At any point, in the course of Soul-Friending, psychotherapy is indicated, you will be referred to a qualified psychologist.

"Evan Hodkins is my minister."

Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Psychiatrist, author of On Death and Dying.

"Evan is a Jungian Alchemist and Celtic Shaman, a composer, mentor, bard. He possesses a wide vision, and is aptly fit to discern the conditions of a person's soul."

Rabbi Zalman Schacter-Shalomi, World Wisdom Chair at Naropa Institute.

"Evan is a wonderfully warm and gracious man and one of the most extraordinarily gifted teachers I have ever known."

Robert Keck, Author of Sacred Eyes.

"Evan is a truly heart-warmed human being, deeply animated by the love of God."

Virginia Satir, Family Therapist

"Evan Hodkins brings to those he serves a rare gift of spiritual intimacy that penetrates to the depth of the soul. Communion with him reinforces our essential being. He is a master teacher for the 21st century."

Barbara Marx Hubbard, Visionary author of The Revelation


To arrange for an appointment, contact The School of Alchemy. The suggested donation for a soul-friending session is $80. You may visit with Evan either in person at Casa Rosa in Paonia, Colorado or arrange for a one-hour phone consultation. In preparation for the sessions, be sure to keep a faithful record of your dreams.

To order sessions, click on the PayPal button and enter the number of soul-friending hours desired in the quanity box.

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"Startle us back to the truth of who we are!" . . . Rumi

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